Monday, May 30, 2016

My Pet Monster (1986)

This one is bad, real bad.

American Force 2: The Untouchable Glory (1988) aka Ninja Untouchable

 Shoving two crappy movies together  makes one really crappy movie.

Alien Seed (1989)

They Wanted Her Body... To Save The World!

(Sorry No Preview)

Alien Private Eye(1987)

If this gumshoe comes sniffing around your galaxy there is going to be trouble.

(Sorry no Preview)

Virtual Combat (1996)

Everyone knows karate in the future.

Planet of Dinosaurs (1977)

Ray guns and dinosaurs a great combination.

Thunder Warrior 3 (1988) aka Thunder III

Thunder is back on the warpath in the best one yet.
 (Only trailer I could find the movie is in English.)

Thunder Warrior II (1987) aka Thunder II

Our favorite Native American Rambo knock off is back.