Monday, May 30, 2011

Ultra Warrior (1990)

I thought Godfrey Ho was bad.
(Sorry No Preview)



  2. Video Wars may have a serious challenger with this one... how many crappy movies were spliced up to make this trainwreck of a non-movie? drats! I missed the ending, did the white wolf make ever his triumphant return?
    and to think... I had expected so much more from a Dak Rambo film

  3. Went digging around and found some of the movies they spliced together to make
    So far I am pretty sure they used Lords of the Deep, Crimezone, Battle Beyond the Stars, and Dune Warriors. If you can recognize any others repley here and we can solve the Ultra Warrior riddle.

  4. yeah I knew I saw some B.B.T.S. in there, it's one of the most pilfered films for space battle scenes

  5. We can add Battle Truck to the list of clips as well.