Monday, July 4, 2011

The Executioner (1978)aka Massacre Mafia Style

Duke Mitchell as a tough mafia executioner!



  2. Fingered by the Godfather, then nailed by the executioner. talk about adding insult to injury...

  3. that's probably the greatest trailer of all time. been looking for this one for YEARS. grazie!!

  4. Amazing...why did Duke want to put his name on this (hell maybe it's a masterpiece, haven't seen it just yet) did he think people knew who he was, or was he just certain it would be as huge as "The Godfather"? and's what up with the metal/devil horns logo? Italian thing I guess, Dio's granny must have showed it to them. also known as [im][/im] a familiar font, although I can't quite remember where I've seen it.

    one thing I'm certain is this film could have used a shot of Sammy Petrillo!
    so sad, how they drifted apart, although I did hear Duke appeared on one of Sammy's Arbor day benefits in his final days, the 2 sharing tearful, joyous remembrances. unfortunately for the public at large it was only broadcast on H.A.M. radio transmitters :(

  5. That IS the best trailer ever. The song and constant killings make it so abstarct in a great way. Sadly enough megaupload is no more so i guess i will have to keep searching for this one.