Friday, July 22, 2011

Supervan (1977)

"I'd rather be riding high in my Supervan!", well who wouldn't? except maybe your ribcage, and oh elbow! geez!, ah! with the shoulder again!.. dang that smarts! we'd better pull over.... I really need to stretch!



    I don't care what Ed Begley Jr. says, after watching SUPERVAN I understand why solar powered vehicles never caught on, there just simply isn't a way to drive them without emitting a blood curling dog-whistle like screech!

    be sure to watch for Charles Bukowski's appearance (according to some, among his finest work)In Supervan he's in charge of the hose in the wet T-shirt competition, AND unwanted kiss attempts

    (you think I'm joking)

  2. Been workin' on my wagon since the crack of dawn
    Got my wide weenies and my zoomies on (??!)

    I wish they'd released a SuperVan soundtrack... "Freak-Out", "Too Hot To Handle" (i'm the only one that can SATISFY THE BITCH!) and the James Taylor-ish "Ridin' High"... all classics!

  3. and here I thought it was "zoobies" ...yeah no clue.... anyone?