Thursday, December 8, 2011

Super Force (1990)

It's 2020, and Zach Stone has traded in his spacesuit and spaceship for um...kind of like a uh futuristic football uniform looking getup and a sort of a motor-hover bike-sled type thing, um maybe it has wheels, I dunno it was dark and it has this green....



    what do we have here?

    Well it's 2020 and everyone's using Yen, oh yeah and it's tough, but he's tougher...who's that you say?
    Zach Stone, a supersuit wearing hero guy involved with some police type group or something and um he works for this big corporation and oh yeah plus also he is a martial arts astronaut too, aided by his tech wiz pal F.X. SPINNER, played by Larry B. Scott (Lamar from revenge Of The Nerds) and a really weird looking motorcycle ...then there's the bad guy who is totally Japanese, name of Tao Satori... yep, TAO SATORI (pronounced TAY-OH, naturally) played by G Gordon Liddy because the producers couldn't find any Asian people, actors or even someone who wasn't a complete scumbag walking by on the street, OR... perhaps it's because Liddy's impersonation of a Japanese man is really, really good. The only thing approaching realism in this film is the women our hero encounters, his first love interest looks a chick who would've done pretty much anything for a back stage pass during Bon Jovi's 88' tour. Also in the future, bad dudes will arm themselves with blowtorches, go to the corner of the CRIME ZONE and just sort of wave them around. And I'd be remiss not to mention what F.X. And Zach do with their deceased boss/mentor, instead of letting him rest in peace they somehow turn him into a disembodied blob of pixels on a screen that even Max Headroom couldn’t recognize, so they can take over his company.

    This was the pilot of a series that ran for two seasons!
    someone out there has the episodes! Cough em' up! I need them!

  2. Any chance of a reup?
    Thanks in advance!